Session Reel Features Overview

Nerd alert! We know you want to geek out on the details, and we’re here to help ❤️


Session Dimensions.jpg

Technical Specifications

Material     6061-T6 Aluminum, CNC Machined
Anodized     Yes
Rating     5 to 8 wt. (best balanced on a 6 or 7 wt.)
Drag     Carbon Disc, Fully-Sealed
Drag Pressure     10-12 lbs. (max)
Weight     7.5 oz  (214 grams)
Backing Capacity     200+ yards
Reel Width     2.4" (drag knob to spool nut)
Spool Width     1.4"
Spool Diameter     3.4"
Arbor Diameter     1.56" graduating to 1.97" (V-groove design)

Backing capacity

These pictures show the Session Reel spooled with 200-yds. of RIO 20 lb. braided backing material. The spool has a unique V-Groove feature that allows more capacity to fill around the fully-sealed drag. As a result, there is a generous amount of room available for your fly line (see below for more).

backing + fly line capacity

This set of pictures shows the same spool with 200-yds. of RIO 20 lb. braided backing material plus 100-ft of RIO Striper 300-grain 26-foot Sink Tip fly line. As you can see, it is a comfortable fit (and capacity to spare).

drag strength

We tested the Session Reel’s drag pressure by using the hanging digital CRANE scale rated at 660-lbs. by Modern Step. The drag knob was tightened all the way down using hand pressure, and a 10’ loop of 20-lb RIO braided backing was spooled around the reel. We attached the end of the backing loop to the scale and gradually pulled until the drag released (tip: we broke off a few times with triple surgeon loops so mind your knots!).

In this video, we show a reading of up to 13-lbs before the drag releases. Because of the many factors that likely go into this test (e.g. speed of pull, temperature, hand strength, etc… we aren’t science majors), we conservatively estimate the Session Reel’s drag at between 10-12 lbs (max) drag pressure when fully buttoned.