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By Session Fly Fishing

We designed the Session Fly Fishing Reel to inspire you to take the path of adventure; to find yourself in the beauty created in the mountains, rivers and oceans. Throw the reel in your carry-on for that epic journey or toss it in the back of your truck for times when local conditions set up the perfect afternoon session.


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The Session Fly Reel is best balanced on a 6 or 7 weight setup, but can easily flex to a 5 or 8 weight setup as needed. This versatility makes our reel the perfect outfit for adventures that traverse across oceans, lakes and rivers.




The Session Fly Reel is an all-water fly reel, built with tough, anodized aluminum and a fully sealed drag system allowing it to stand up to both fresh and salt water conditions.

The CNC machined wave curl artwork before undergoing a unique etching and polishing process


 Original art by Encinitas, CA native  Skye Walker

Original art by Encinitas, CA native Skye Walker


Machined into the aluminum body is original art from adventure sportsman and artist Skye Walker, who’s iconic murals decorate miles of Highway 101 in his (and our) native town of Encinitas, California making the reel itself a unique work of art.


"Start with childlike enthusiasm for creating cool stuff.

Search for truth in the projects you choose."


- Cyrus Sutton // @cyrus_sutton